Wednesday, April 03, 2019
7:15am to 8:00am Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:00am to 8:15am Welcome and Introduction

Beverly M.K. Biller, MD


8:15am to 9:10am Hypopituitarism: A Comprehensive Update

Karen K. Miller, MD

9:10am to 10:10am Cushing's Diagnosis and Treatment in 2019

Beverly M.K. Biller, MD

10:10am to 10:30am Coffee/Tea

(refreshments provided)

10:30am to 11:30am Case-Based Approach to Hyperprolactinemia

Anne Klibanski, MD

11:30am to 12:15pm What Is the Sellar Lesion: Illustrative Pituitary Cases

Nicholas A. Tritos, MD, DSc

12:15pm to 1:45pm Break for lunch*
1:45pm to 2:30pm Current Diagnosis and Management of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

Jose M. Garcia, MD, PhD

2:30pm to 3:25pm Clinical Management of Acromegaly

Lisa Nachtigall, MD

3:25pm to 3:45pm Coffee/Tea

(refreshments provided)

3:45pm to 4:45pm Update on Pituitary Surgery and Radiation: A Neurosurgeon's Perspective

Brooke Swearingen, MD

4:45pm to 5:15pm Expert Faculty Panel for Q & A

Drs. Biller, Garcia, Nachtigall and Swearingen

Thursday, April 04, 2019


8:00am to 8:35am Modern-Day Therapy and Results of Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

David Nathan, MD

8:35am to 9:05am Clinically Relevant Pathophysiology and Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes

Jose Florez, MD, PhD

9:05am to 9:45am Update on the Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic: Prevention and Treatment

David Nathan, MD

9:45am to 10:05am Coffee/Tea

(refreshments provided)

10:05am to 10:35am When to Use New Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes and What to Expect: Cases

Enrico Cagliero, MD

10:35am to 11:25am Obesity Management: A Practical Approach

Paul Copeland, MD

11:25am to 12:00pm Pulling It All Together: Diabetes and Obesity (Ask the Experts)


12:00pm to 1:00pm Break for lunch*
1:00pm to 1:35pm Inpatient Diabetes Management: Evidence and Strategies

John E. Godine, MD, PhD

1:35pm to 2:05pm Glycemic Control, Glucose-Lowering Medications, and Cardiovascular Disease

Deborah J. Wexler, MD

2:05pm to 2:45pm State-of-the-Art Lipid Management

Mason Freeman, MD

2:45pm to 3:05pm Coffee/Tea

(refreshments provided)

3:05pm to 3:40pm Hypoglycemia: Differential Diagnosis, Evaluation, and an Illustrative Case

Lloyd Axelrod, MD

3:40pm to 4:05pm The Future of Type 1 Diabetes Treatment: The Artificial Pancreas

Steven Russell, MD, PhD

4:05pm to 4:30pm Metabolic Mash-Up with the Afternoon's Experts


Friday, April 05, 2019

Reproductive and Adrenal

8:00am to 9:00am Endocrine Hypertension: Case-Based Update on Pheochromocytoma and Primary Aldosteronism

William F. Young, Jr., MD

9:00am to 9:40am Adrenal Incidentaloma: Illustrative Cases of Current Diagnostic Strategies

William F. Young, Jr., MD

9:40am to 9:55am Coffee/Tea

(refreshments provided)

9:55am to 10:45am A 2019 Approach to the Menopausal Patient

Kathryn A. Martin, MD

10:45am to 11:40am Current Diagnosis and Management of Amenorrhea and Hyperandrogenism

Stephanie Seminara, MD

11:40am to 12:00pm Reproductive Faculty Panel for Audience Q & A


12:00pm to 1:10pm Break for lunch*
1:10pm to 1:45pm Gender-Affirming Hormonal Treatment of Transgender Individuals: Changing Paradigms in a Changing Society

Ole-Petter Hamnvik, MB BCh BAO, MMSc

1:45pm to 2:30pm Male Hypogonadism: Insights into Pathophysiology and Evaluation

Frances Hayes, MD

2:30pm to 2:50pm Coffee/Tea

(refreshments provided)

2:50pm to 3:30pm Optimizing Treatment Strategies and Patient Outcomes for Male Hypogonadism

Ravi Balasubramanian, MB, BS

3:30pm to 4:05pm Erectile Dysfunction: A Urologist's Perspective

Cigdem Tanrikut, MD

4:05pm to 4:30pm Expert Reproductive Faculty Answer Your Questions

Reproductive Endocrine Staff

Workshops (choose one)

4:30pm to 6:00pm Case-Based Workshops A1-A5
Saturday, April 06, 2019
7:15am to 8:00am Continental Breakfast


8:00am to 9:00am Subclinical Thyroid Disease: Do Endocrinologists Pay Attention to the Evidence?

Douglas Ross, MD

9:00am to 10:00am The 2019 Approach to Hyperthyroidism

Gilbert Daniels, MD

10:00am to 10:15am Coffee/Tea

(refreshments provided)

10:15am to 10:45am Graves' Eye Disease

Giuseppe Barbesino, MD

10:45am to 11:45am Thyroid Nodules: A Costly Problem

Douglas S. Ross, MD

11:45am to 12:10pm Expert Thyroid Panel Answers Your Questions

Drs. Barbesino, Daniels and Ross

12:10pm to 1:20pm Break for lunch*
1:20pm to 2:00pm Hypothyroidism: Current Diagnosis and Management

Gilbert Daniels, MD

2:00pm to 3:00pm Thyroid Cancer: State of the Art in 2019

R. Michael Tuttle, MD

3:00pm to 3:20pm Coffee/Tea

(refreshments provided)

3:20pm to 4:00pm Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Update

Gilbert Daniels, MD

4:00pm to 4:30pm Panel of Thyroid Specialists for Q & A

Drs. Daniels, Ross and Tuttle

Workshops (choose one)

4:30pm to 6:00pm Case-Based Workshops B1-B5
Sunday, April 07, 2019
7:15am to 8:00am Continental Breakfast

Calcium and Bone

8:00am to 8:30am Hereditary Hyperparathyroidism: Illustrative Patient Cases

Henry M. Kronenberg, MD

8:30am to 9:20am Primary Hyperparathyroidism 2019: A Comprehensive Update

John Bilezikian, MD

9:20am to 9:35am Coffee/Tea

(refreshments provided)

9:35am to 10:25am Hypocalcemia: Case-Based Diagnosis and Mechanisms

Marie Demay, MD

10:25am to 10:40am Hypoparathyroidism: A Comprehensive Update on Guidelines and New Treatments

Michael Mannstadt, MD

10:40am to 11:15am Optimizing Bone Health through Vitamin D, Nutrition and Exercise

Sherri-Ann Burnett-Bowie, MD, MPH

11:15am to 12:10pm Roundtable Discussion: Bones, Groans, and Stones: Mineral Metabolism Clinical Cases

Elaine Yu, MD, Joy Tsai, MD and Sherri-Ann Burnett-Bowie, MD, MPH

12:10pm to 1:25pm Break for lunch*
1:25pm to 1:55pm Osteoporosis: Current Diagnostic Approaches

Elaine Yu, MD

1:55pm to 2:40pm Osteoporosis: Treatment Strategies in 2019

Joy Tsai, MD

2:40pm to 2:55pm Coffee/Tea

(refreshments provided)

2:55pm to 3:40pm Osteoporosis: Controversies, Emerging Therapies, Combination Therapy

Benjamin Z. Leder, MD

3:40pm to 4:00pm State-of-the-Art Management of Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis

Michael Mannstadt, MD

4:00pm to 4:30pm Osteoporosis Panel: Ask the Experts

Drs. Leder, Tsai, and Yu

Workshops (choose one)

4:30pm to 6:00pm Case-Based Workshops C1-C5

*There are many convenient and varied lunch options within a short walking distance of the course.