Participant Experience


Ranked among the highest-rated Harvard Medical School CME courses, past participants consistently report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice. Here are a number of comments from recent attendees:


"Absolutely fantastic top-notch presenters! I will attend next year.”


“Given the unprecedented amount of new evidence-based information coming out every year in the field, [this course has been a] most useful update."


“This was an incredibly thorough and comprehensive review of Clinical Endocrinology. I learned new things that will be incorporated into my practice with pleasure. Thank you!”


“I will revise my management of osteoporosis and hypocalcemia based on the update in this course.”


“The information on thyroid cancer treatment was very useful.”


“First-rate program from beginning to end."


“I am revising my follow-up protocol for pheochromocytoma and incidentaloma.”


“I have learned about new Rx and protocols to use with my patients.”


“I will incorporate additional testing and treatment options across the board of endocrine treatment. There were some topics addressed that are not always in the forefront of diagnosis and treatment.”


“I will start screening for endocrine causes of hypertension.”


“This conference has expanded and will benefit my practice and community!”


“I am excited to implement my new knowledge on many issues.”


"The content was wonderful and almost all of the content is applicable to my practice."


“Being an FNP, I attended the conference to expand my endocrinology knowledge and understanding. Mission accomplished. Thank you!”


“I am now much more confident in interpreting lab results and imaging.”


“I found a lot of the information relevant to my practice. The diabetes information was enlightening regarding use of NPH insulin over the more expensive prescription brands. I have a lot of patients who have to use these options due to low insurance coverage or no insurance.”


“I work in Emergency Medicine and occasionally care for transgender patients. I am now more aware of concerns and adverse side effects of hormone therapy in this population.”


“This course has led me to a new approach on menopause, adrenal incidentalomas, and PA screening.”


“I plan on using the information from this program to modify my practice. Many great pearls."


“There are several things that I am learning for the first time which I need to implement ASAP.”


“Given the clinical focus of the course, it is very helpful for me as a full-time clinician. I like how the talks summarized evidence to guide practical tips for diagnosis and clinical management.”


“[I learned that] there have been significant changes in the treatment of osteoporosis, the use of smart insulin pumps, next-step therapy in T2DM, the management of menopausal patients and the implementation of hormonal treatment of transgender individuals since my last internal medicine recertification.”


“I now have increased knowledge of labs to order, evaluation, risk factors, and contraindications for different treatments.”


“I am a nurse practitioner working in endocrinology, but primarily treat patients with diabetes or osteoporosis. This conference has helped expand my knowledge in these areas but has highlighted some other areas where my knowledge is deficient.”


“I am reentering practice after staying home to raise the kids. A lot has changed! Thanks for the information.”